Thomas Crapper’s Nirvana

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Those that didn’t made our trip to North Cadbury Court last night will no doubt be thinking that I have hit the magic mushrooms earlier than normal this morning with such a strange title, but read on and learn.

We braved the wet weather to have a fascinating guided tour by the current owner Archie Montgomery of North Cadbury Court, some were disappointed not to be welcomed over the threshold by the butler, but I guess in these times of employee rights they are now allowed the odd evening off. but Mrs Bridges Kitchen proved a baking success.

The house and the Montgomery family have an interesting history, rather than list it all here I have put a link to their website (

Those interested in Boer War can read about the Langman Field Hospital at Bloemfontein, financed by Archie’s grandfather, good to see that some things haven’t changed as we continue to have volunteers give their time and money to keep the NHS going.

Anyway back to the sordid subject of Thomas Crapper, during our tour one of the most noticeable features of the bedrooms was the no expense spared ablution facilities, picture sitting on a throne made from the finest polished mahogany, whilst contemplating having a dip in the luxurious enamelled baths made for two or maybe three is you are into those sorts of things, afterwards having a rub down in front of handmade wallpaper at a cost per roll  most of us would spend on a car. I am sure by now you have the idea, then to retire afterwards to a hand built four poster bed, complete with sumptuous mattresses cocooned in Egyptian cotton. how we can all dream.

Not the type of rooms you would want to share with strangers as many of these thrones and baths are in the middle of the bedrooms with only a curtain to hid your modesty , I guess you will have to sing to mask the noises 🙂

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