Philippines Typhoon Appeal

Brue Valley Rotary are working hard to raise much needed funds for Shelterboxes ( and Waterboxes ( to be sent to the Philippines.

These boxes contain vital shelters, cooking equipment, water purification supplies and it is essential to get them out to the disaster area fast.

You can donate by going onto either of the above websites or to Any Rotarian with an official collecting bucket/Tin

Progress so far:

Collection at the Stags Inn, Yarlington £100 in only 5 minutes

Retiring Collection at our Charity Concert Approx. £200

Joint Collection with Shepton Mallet Rotary £766

Pub Crawls:- Sue, Eddy and Chris collected £135 in pubs around Shepton Mallet
Jennie and Colin £91

Staff collection: Payden & Rygel £140 – Some direct to Waterbox to claim gift aid

Jo & Vanessa for making a donation of £40 in return for their data on their computer being recovered

2013-11-16 12.25.47

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