Helping the victims of the floods in Somerset

The flooding on Levels has largely disappeared as a news item on our television and on a lovely sunny Sunday the storms seem to be distant memory.

Driving over the ridge towards Bridgwater it is clear the waters are receding and about time too!  However, the sense of foreboding increased when we stopped at the Police cordon before being allowed to drive towards Moorland.  That sense increased as we drove over new “bridges” where the massive pipes are still spectacularly spewing water into the river.

However, the scene, which awaited us in the village, was absolutely shocking and could reduce one to tears in minutes.  Being invited into resident’s houses and being asked to ensure we “wipe our feet” shows the human spirit at its very best – after all, everything in the houses is coated in mud with a water line round all the rooms at chest height.  The gratitude of the people, for simply moving some detritus for them, was emotionally difficult to cope with given how their lives have been turned upside down:  for many, for the second year on the trot.

The authorities are doing a splendid job but it will need all the help we can throw at it for many weeks to come.  Moorland is the first village to see the waters leave, there are many more still under water.  The five Rotarians who turned up on Sunday did all they could, but 500 could have been used!

It was exhausting work but the sense of helping those in desperate need kept us going.  As did the tea and cakes from the police.

I am sure we will be asked to help for many weeks to come



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1 Response to Helping the victims of the floods in Somerset

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a team! Well done.

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