Tour of Wessex

Day 1 of the Tour of Wessex

As always the first day is a leap into the unknown, the night shift of Penny and Chris was already hard at work when Michelle and I arrived at 6:00am. No power, water and kitchen still locked up wasn’t a good start.

By 6:15 riders were already hovering wanting food. The rapid setting builders porridge was as always a firm favourite. Mike in true field kitchen mentality kept the cauldron of hot steaming oats on the go for the duration of breakfast. For those wanting extra propulsion at the start beans and eggs went with a bang. We served approximately 140 breakfasts, not bad since it was all over by 8:30.

Lunch was a marathon, starting at 12:00 and then non stop until 5:30.
over 45kg of Bacon, 120 omelettes and 200 eggs was cooked fresh. The Brue Valley whopper and full monty (including a little dance from our secretary) was born: BVW was omelette and bacon, whilst the full monty also included cheese.

It was the busiest Saturday ever we were all exhausted by the end and stinking of bacon fat.


More to follow but below shows the lunchtime activity




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