Christmas Meal at the Stag’ Head Inn

Roger Lowe and Janet  Andrew Moore Andrew Moore and Georgie Andrew and Sandra

Angela with baloon

Brue Valley Rotary Christmas Meal – The Stags Head, Yarlington

Submitted by Jennie Wheeler

Brue Vallley Rotarians have worked really hard this year to raise funds in support of projects locally and abroad but on Sunday night the Christmas meal (or should I say feast) was all about having fun. There is one sure fact about Brue Valley Rotary, the members really do know how to enjoy themselves and the evening was all set for fun when we opened the little gold boxes we all found on our plates!  There were of course, the usual crackers and paper hats and these were supplemented by some super hats spread on the tables – many of which could, by the end of the evening, be found on Andrew Moors head!  As well as blowers and poppers there were balloons in every box. Intervals between courses became a battlefield for Rotarians and  their wives, partners and friends and the President rose to the challenge with determination to out bombard the balloonists!   Indeed, there were times when the sprinkling of young people who had joined us must have thought that Rotary was a rabble such was the energy of the balloonists.  However, by eight o’clock coats were found, good nights and Xmas wishes and cards were passed around and everyone was planning the next two charity events, this week, in Bruton and Castle Cary when we will all be back happily serving bacon baps to the townsfolk and raising some more money to help local dreams to become reality.

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