Luncheons at Classics at the Castle

Today feels like the beginning of a holiday as I start to relax and enjoy being back at home.  For the last five days Angela and myself have been working at Sherbourne Castle, preparing for the show.  Friday we took control of the luncheon marquee, a daunting task with a very messy floor to sort out,  all the tables and chairs to wash (but we were well trained in that, see previous blogs!) and an ambition to provide guests with an impressive experience.  Thanks to Helen Furness and all her team, who provided excellent food and service through Saturday and Sunday, we were able to sort out any difficulties which arose and after all the background hard work and planning we ended Sunday feeling pleased that it seemed to have been a great success.  Many thanks to all those Rotarians who helped us to achieve this, too numerous to mention.  And now, another cup of coffee and maybe I should start to settle to normal life again?


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President of Brue Valley this year - 2016-2017
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One Response to Luncheons at Classics at the Castle

  1. Cursley says:

    Hi Jennie
    You all did a great job and we had an impressive experience at lunch yesterday.

    Well done

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