Brue Valley Explore Local Wood

A surprise for most Brue Valley Rotarians when we visited Haddon Wood in Alhampton this evening – they didn’t know it was there!  We were guided by Gert Schley and Margy Cockburn who very knowledgeably explained how the wood came about.  Gerd’s wife Mary had a vision of a community wood in Alhampton for the benefit of all villagers but where to put it?  Some apparently spare land was considered but finding the owner proved difficult, however once found and approached the owner, Ms Haddon agreed to donate the land to a registered trust and eventually The Woodland Trust took it on.  After four years the wood is starting to take shape and is really worth a visit, early morning wildlife is a must.  After our tour of the wood we retired to the Alhampton Inn which, under new management, fed and watered us very well.

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  1. chrisringrow says:

    Nice one Colin, thanks.

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