Brue Valley Visit Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre

A group of club members visited the Care UK  NHS Treatment Centre in Shepton Mallet this evening and what an interesting and eventful evening it was!  We were met by Engagement & Liaison Executive Jen Lewis who, after taking us to our briefing room, explained the history of the centre and it’s partnership status with Somerset Health Partnership.

We were then introduced to Tim Jobson, Consultant Gastroenterologist, who went into great detail about the ups and downs of Endoscopy.  He gave a fascinating talk about how he goes about discovering, and treating, problems within the upper and lower parts of our digestive system – it was most revealing.  We were astounded by the number of checks made to ensure that he is safe to continue his work, he has to report 27 KPIs.  Probably his most important advice was to ‘know your body’, if you notice anything unusual – GET IT CHECKED WITH YOUR GP.

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon David Shardlow then told us about his work replacing hips.  The history of arthritis stretches back to the dinosaurs but it was quite a while before hip replacements became commonplace.  He described the various materials that had been used in hip replacements, most with little or no success, until the late 1800s when metals were introduced, but these had limited life.  Latest materials are ceramics which can last 40 years of normal use.

Both were very interesting talks and provoked great interest from our members, we were particularly re-assured by the fact that waiting times for treatment are better than the national average by half, this is the place to go if they offer any of the treatments you may require.

I think the photos say everything about the quality of service at Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre.


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One Response to Brue Valley Visit Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre

  1. jenniedewsbury says:

    I was certainly impressed with the service this treatment centre offers and I now know all I have to do is ask to go there as my doctor can directly refer me as it is a partnership with the NHS.

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