Brue Valley Go To Jail

Yesterday evening members of Brue Valley Rotary Club, after enjoying s fish and chip supper at Whitstone’s Restaurant, visited Shepton Mallet Prison for a tour in the dark.

Over 400 years old it’s one of Shepton Mallet’s most haunted sites, where restless spirits still tread. Torture. Murder. Hangings, a cold breath on the back of the neck, a whisper, a flicker – then silence. It’s all the more chilling for being absolutely real!

Our guides, Paul and Charlie, led us round the prison with only torches for light, relating the history of the prison and some of the strange, unexpected sightings and occurrences, even to the present day.    There have been many sightings of a lady in a white wedding dress, but unfortunately we didn’t see any apparitions………………….

The prison will be redeveloped soon so there is not much longer to re-visit the prison, possibly in daylight next time.



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One Response to Brue Valley Go To Jail

  1. eddyhale says:

    The lady in white returns in the form of a hat above Chris’s head! Spooky.

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