Gardening Games at Cale Park

The Week’s Hot Tip  courtesy Joe Swift, (who you’ll know is Monty Don’s number two),  is to “fish out unwanted weeds to reduce the number of desirable weeds ……! “.  Well Joe old boy we at Brue Valley have news for you – there’s no such thing as desirable weeds.  This was evidenced by this morning’s blitzkrieg on our gardening project at Wincanton’s Cale Park.

Recapitulation might be necessary . The avid reader will recollect Brue Valley Rotary Club agreed to restore an overgrown bed adjacent to the river at Cale Park to its former glory. The larger photo demonstrates the magnitude of our task on our first visit a few weeks ago.  On that occasion the roots of many large shrubs were enthusiastically removed. Today found three Rotarians doing what our leader, (Mr Roger Lowe), described as “a bit of rough digging”. A blitzkrieg doesn’t do justice to the effort; we really went for it – so much so the job was completed within the hour. The well earned euphoria though was diluted by Mr Lowe opining, after deep consideration,  that further digging would be necessary.

The post rough digging coffees and Lovington’s buns (thank you Mr Moore) were a welcome conclusion to the morning’s excitement.

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