World Cup fever ……….

Yesterday, Saturday 7th July, Brue Valley members were in attendance at Clark’s Village in Street to promote the forthcoming Classic & Supercar Show at Sherborne Castle on 15th July.  Little did we know, some 6 months ago, that the magnificent England football team would reach the quarter finals of the World Cup which would be played on 7th July!

A big thank you to Trustee Mark Main for lending us his MGA and Maserati Gran Tourismo and to Colin D for the MG Midget 1500.

After a fairly slow start – we had been told to expect a busy morning, when tens of shoppers, not hundreds, were interested in our display and some were even interested in next week’s show – footfall in the complex was almost non-existent…………………….. if you needed to have a quiet shop in Clark’s this was the time to do it.

We did stay until 7.00pm when the shops closed, but it was not the most successful day we have ever had, despite the challenging situation we did have some fun – until someone took the radio away at half-time!!!!!

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1 Response to World Cup fever ……….

  1. chrisringrow says:

    Nevertheless – Well done for being there.

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