Brue Valley at Classic & Supercars

On a blisteringly hot day 25 Brue Valley members and friends assisted at the Sherborne Classic & Supercars Show doing all manner of tasks from running a Members Marquee, where guests were treated to a view of the showground whilst relaxing with their tea and coffee, to collecting waste at regular intervals throughout the day.  We manned entry gates, car parks, the information tent and had the excitement of holding ropes to allow parades of spectacular vehicles to pass.

There were over 2000 vehicle exhibits on show including over 500 ‘on the day’ classics which just turned up to visit the show.  Other visitors arrived early, and left early, some because of the heat and others to watch football or tennis with which we were competing!

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Taking breaks in the rest area didn’t always keep us out of the sun and shade was sought wherever needed………………………. well done Brue Valley, here’s hoping we have helped to raise a significant amount for the supported charities !



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  1. chrisringrow says:

    Well Organised all !

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