Reduce, Re-use, Recycle…….

What a load of rubbish……………. we saw at Carymoor Environmental Centre, Dimmer, Castle Cary.  A small group of inquisitive rotarians and guests enjoyed a short but interesting visit.

After a brief introduction to the creation of the site, by Karen from the Carymoor team, we went to the landfill by car, it’s a big site!  On the way we stopped at the new ‘Going Underground’ display where cross sections of the landfill, across the last 4 decades, depicted the nature of rubbish which we all discard in our dustbins.  In the 70’s we were throwing away vinyl records, nappies and space hoppers and more recently complete laptop computers have been found in dustbins!

At the landfill site, which is due to be closed in 2021, we saw the vast amounts of waste, waiting to be buried, which was being scavenged by gulls and crows.  Eventually this will all be capped with a metre depth of clay, any methane produced will be taken off and the land will be returned as a nature reserve.

There was so much more to see, unfortunately time was against us, and perhaps a longer visit in the future will be arranged.

You can help to cut down on waste, remember REDUCE, RE-USE, RECYCLE…………

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