North Cadbury Family Race Night

Saturday, 15 September 2018 witnessed the North Cadbury Family Night, a collaboration between the North Cadbury Village Hall and Brue Valley Rotary who will equally share the funds raised.

Having pre-sold 85 of the available 96 tickets we knew we were in for a busy and successful evening:  and so it proved to be!  We were able to run all eight races – seven of which had been sponsored by local businesses (ensuring all costs of the evening were covered in advance) and “ownership” of the horses in the last race were auctioned on the night (raising an additional £72).

The “punters” were most enthusiastic in cheering on their horses, the Village Hall committee provided a fine spread and the bar did a roaring trade throughout the event whilst the Rotarians ran “the tote” and generally orchestrated the event.

Final figures are not yet available but we do know “the tote” raised £412.

North Cadbury Village Hall Committee are keen to run the event again and I am sure we will.  However, could we team up with other village halls in our patch to run similar events now we are such pros at these events?

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3 Responses to North Cadbury Family Race Night

  1. colindewsbury says:

    What a great evening, well done everyone – persuading other village halls to participate is an excellent suggestion………………………..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks as if you all had a wonderful time – fabulous!

  3. Penny says:

    Well done Brue Valley sounds like you have a winning formula!!

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