Rain DIDN’T Stop Play !!!!!!

Those who are fascinated with data won’t be surprised to learn that yesterday’s rainfall in the South West was 27.6 mm. A significant proportion must have descended on Saturday morning’s Playfest at Castle Cary Primary School justifying the decision to have an indoor Playfest. Brue Valley Rotary occupied The Lodge where fantastic inside activities were on offer. There was: candle making (Jenny and Sally), tea light jamjar decorating (Anne), cupcake decoration (Jonny) and face painting (Jules and Ellie). The small griddle was in action (Mike K, Mike S and Roger W) providing sustenance to the many visitors with all baps being sold and a profit of about £130 being raised for Rotary charities. It was all huge fun; Jonny had a quiet moment to do some reading (albeit large print!), our Assistant District Governor Jane Gibbs travelled all the way from Burnham to support us (huge thanks Jane), the BBQ team learned that you need to turn on all the burners to cook and our President Nicky was, as always, omnipresent quietly organising us.  Afterwards, we had an adult Playfest and a giggle with cupcake decorating – will leave you to judge the results!


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