Youth Speaks Very Well

IMG_7238Examples of memorable public oratory are still studied years after their delivery; one has only to think of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address or Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream ” speech at the Washington Monument. Tonight we had the privilege of listening to memorable oratory from three schools competing in the District 1200 Intermediate Age Group Area Central Final of “Youth Speaks”. Each school  chose a very different subject – Ansford Academy provided a confident presentation on “Return to Aberfan”; Sherbourne Prep School spoke on ” Happiness Cannot be Bought” and a young team from Sunninghill School, Dorchester gave an excellent and amusing insight on “Should Rugby Be Played in Schools”.  The Best Speaker emerged from the latter with Ansford Academy being the winners. Several members of Brue Valley were in attendance to enjoy both the rhetoric and our President presenting awards and medals. Exhausted by the intellectual effort we repaired to the Natterjack afterwards for banter, beer and food.      RW

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