Brue Valley Wins the Rugby Club Quiz!

Brue Valley Rotary entered at team at the quiz held at Castle Cary Rugby club on 24th January 2020. The team comprised Donal, Anne, John, Amanda, Chris and Sue. The proceeds from the quiz go towards the Ladies Rugby tour and Cultural Exchange to Mufulira.

Those in the club will not be surprised that any team that included Donal and John would do well, however all were amazed that we took the lead at the beginning and had the highest score at the end. Our knowledge of rugby did let us down however our knowledge of almost everything else held us in good stead. Although it had to be admitted that John and Donal provided most of the answers , there were also valuable contributions from the other team members. I think we were all impressed when Sue knew that there were 33 bones in the spine, Anne knew that a Boar and Sow were the terms for the male and female badger and Amanda knew that Carol Anne Duffy was a Poet Laureate.

Many thanks to Wendy Silver for organising the event and all of those that catered for us through out the evening.

We were one of more than 20 teams20200124_210635

The Brains20200124_192152

Winners with 46 points20200124_212240


Dividing the winners spoils20200124_224003


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