Wonders of West End

What an exciting evening members of Brue Valley Rotary had last night, exploring the wonders of West End Garage in Bruton at the invitation of owner Gordon Fry.  The garage can fix ANYTHING ! From family saloons through to military 8-wheel juggernauts, minor servicing to major re-structuring and re-building of blown up vehicles and even repair of various kinds of tankers.  It really does seem that no job is too big or too small.

Alongside the day job, Gordon has a collection of military vehicles which have all been restored, probably better than their original condition.  However most surprising were the various field guns and a Naval Bofors anti-aircraft gun.  Some Rotarians were a little more excited than others as we toured the collection and we were all thoroughly entertained by Gordon’s stories of how he came by the vehicles and the history behind them.

Gordon joined us afterwards for supper at The Montague Inn where we enjoyed a delicious steak and ale pie.

A very big thank you to Gordon and his staff at West End Garage for sparing their time to show us around.

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