Ski Rotary 2020 at Wengen, Switzerland.

F60CCE29-041B-4F50-8A3A-C3D37DD07103_1_105_cBCE5B185-3B1B-4FB4-A60B-2440B4EF36EF_1_105_c90233058-28C1-4326-A850-19B35DA8639F_1_105_c10D25040-BDC4-427A-A69D-94DEFD5C49E0_1_105_c9A939B7F-96BE-47CF-B3CB-B5C2FA4626D7_1_105_cSki Rotary 2020 proved to be a little different to previous expeditions. Why? Well, this time we had Past District Governor Stewart Cursley and his wife June with us so good behaviour was guaranteed; the transfer to and from Wengen by train (more of which later) proved to be a delightful and different experience and there was the use of the cog railway to gain access to the ski area. The weather was mixed – two so so days, two days of brilliant sunshine and two grim ones. Your correspondent will go so far to say that the final day was probably the worst  he’s experienced.  Despite this we enjoyed a week of fun and fellowship. The skiing group comprised five tenacious and stylish skiers whose adventures included an interesting descent of the Lauberhorn (a strong drink was needed afterwards). The walking group using the extensive local transport perambulated far and wide, sometimes in difficult conditions. The walkers and skiers, as is now a tradition, twice lunched together, The return rail journey to Geneva included a small hiatus due to a senior moment affecting the Roger L and W’s baggage but it’s best to leave it at that! Then we returned to the coronovirus maelstrom which delayed the publication of the trip. There will be a Ski Rotary 2021 so why not think of joining us!

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