Andrew Davies is our new President

Like most clubs and organisations, Brue Valley Rotary Club holds an annual general meeting when officers for the forthcoming year are chosen. For us, an important role to be filled is that of president. Taking up this post, on 1st July, 2020, will be Andrew Davies.


Trained as a chartered accountant and having spent his early career in London, Andrew arrived in Bruton in 1989. He soon became involved with the fund-raising and charitable activities of Shepton Mallet Round Table. As a founder member of Brue Valley Rotary Club in 2010, he has used his accountancy skills to be our treasurer for three years and to act as a trustee for our Trust Fund and also of the charity organising the highly successful annual Classic and Supercar Show at Sherborne Castle.


Andrew has many interests including skiing, cycling, running, table tennis and singing with the Bruton Choral Society. Besides helping the club, he has participated in his own fund- raising ventures which, last year, including running the Yeovil Half Marathon and cycling the Prudential Ride London 100 to support Breast Cancer Now.

In 2013, together with four other club members, he travelled to India to act as an ambassador for Rotary and to assist the medical staff on their National Immunisation Day, a project where 172 million children are vaccinated in one day in an attempt to keep India free of polio.

As the club’s international officer for several years, Andrew organised yearly concerts in our local towns to raise funds for the Trussell Trust who were setting up the ‘House of Opportunity’, a home in Bulgaria where young people on leaving their orphanages could develop life skills and their independence. Local bands and choirs including the Wincanton Silver Band, the Bruton Choral Society, the Wincanton Choral Society, the Pilgrim Singers and many performers from our schools in Bruton, Castle Cary, and Wincanton all contributed to these performances.

There is no doubt that, under the current restrictions forced upon us by the corona virus pandemic, it will be difficult to plan future fund raising events and, without this, to support local charities as we would wish. However, Andrew Davies with his experience and energy will be the person to guide and re-invigorate us through the next year.

If you think that you would like to join our Rotary Club or you would like more information, please visit or give me, (Roger Lowe) a call on 01963 34965 or Sally Hoadley on 01963 33335.

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2 Responses to Andrew Davies is our new President

  1. Penny says:

    Enjoy your year Andrew.

  2. jenniedewsbury says:

    well done, a good write up.

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