The Rotary Clubs of Brue Valley and Zanzibar join forces to provide Taps and Toilets for a school in Zanzibar

The Rotary Clubs of Brue Valley and Zanzibar – Stone Town have joined forces to raise funds for a project to provide ‘Taps and Toilets’ for a school and villagers in Kitogani Village in Zanzibar.

Women filling bucketswomen tanker and tap

For the people of Kitogani it takes many hours and back-breaking effort to get water where it is needed – hours of queueing at a pump only on for a short period each day and very unreliable; miles of carrying jerry cans (weighing 20 kgs each when full) on your head, or several precariously balanced on a bike or in a wheelbarrow; tipping water into buckets outside the dilapidated long-drop toilets for hand washing, or to try and keep the toilets clean. Then there’s clothes washing and keeping yourself clean and, the next day, it all starts again, and the day after that, and the day after that…

Students collecting water
​The lack of easy hygiene is difficult at the best of times – people are more likely to suffer from diseases and students drop out to take care of siblings; the women in the community bear most of the burden of water collection and girls often stop attending classes because getting water takes priority; reaching puberty often has the same result because of the lack of private, hygienic toilets that preserve their dignity. But faced with a virus against which our only weapon is scrupulous hygiene, the teachers, students and villagers of Kitogani are desperate to get running water and proper toilets. Haji, a teacher at the Teachers’ Training Centre, is ready to manage the building project but needs your help to make it happen.

For further details on this project see Taps_and_Toilets_In_Zanzibar

To make a donation  please see Taps_and_Toilets_Fund_Raising

Covid hand washing station

Covid hand washing station


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