The Aasraa trust works towards empowering street and slum children through education, vocational training, nutrition, medical care and providing shelter homes.

Assaraa sent the following message to the Rotary Club of Brue Valley:

Thank you for your compassionate and generous donation to Aasraa. With your magnanimous support, we will continue our work for the empowerment of marginalized special needs children with greater capacity and resources.  

It will be utilised towards providing Teaching Learning materials, games equipment, play balls etc to the special needs children.

Amidst the pandemic, all our education centres are closed, and the children are learning through online classes. As virtual learning is not effective with children with Special needs, our special needs educators are visiting Shelter home as well as homes of differently-abled children to reinforce daily activities/tasks amongst them. 

The staff from our special needs center, armed with appropriate worksheets, are visiting children to ascertain their condition/health & to personally instruct their parents/Aasraa’s warden on the way forward.

With the help of generous donors, such as yourself, we are raising our children with special care & guidance. They have grown out of their shell and have become more self-reliant. 

We, and the children we serve, sincerely appreciate your generosity.

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