Mud Mud Glorious Mud? Brue Valley’s Seasonal Stroll

Flanders and Swann’s iconic Hippopotamus Song might well reflect the somewhat unwelcome theme of last Tuesday’s Brue Valley Seasonal Stroll!

The yellow weather warning wasn’t auspicious. It promised sleet, rain and low temperatures. Despite this Anne S, Colin J, Trina, Nicky, Karen, Graham (plus Fleur), Anne W and the writer were all kitted up and ready to leave at the appointed 10:00 am departure time. Missing from the equation though were Mr President and Sandra. The consternation caused by their absence was immense, and only mitigated by information that Mr President had cocked up the timing and would meet us, with Sandra, at a mid point.

To say it was muddy would be an understatement. Despite the difficult walking conditions the 6.5 mile walk via North Barrow, Alford and Dimmer was completed by all. The weather proved the forecasters wrong with the rain holding off until the return to Castle Cary. Not a word was said about the misrepresentation that the walk would take 2h 30.min or so (apologies to all but it was the mud – honest!). Refreshments were taken in a socially distanced way at or near Café Dewsbury; that plus the opportunity to meet and talk with other members of our wonderful Club must have been the highlights of an agreeable Seasonal Stroll.

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