Kitogani – Taps and Toilets COMPLETED !

We have recently heard from the project manager in Kitogani that the project has now successfully completed!

Good morning those in, UK and Zanzibar and may be Goodnight for those in Copenhagen – Sweden.

These are FINAL PHOTOS. Now that confirmation that the ” Taps and Toilets” small scale Project with honour in Teachers Center – Kitogani South Unguja Zanzibar has been completed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone one involved, on behalf of Teachers Center Management Committee. You are leaving legacy!

As Project Manager power of Internet makes my job to be easy as seeing is believing on what going on also which makes international collaboration. Once again thank you a lot to all involved my happiness forced me to mention some of you for the most Dr. Margy, Chris, Roger, Michael, Eleanor, Julieta, Florence, Donald, Bob and everyone involved in consideration. Special thanks to Presidents of all three Clubs to work as a team.

Now my Teacher Center gradually improve as well as lives of the people in the community around.

The uses of Teachers Center now increasing, I would like in humility to send you another request helping cause to develop or move forward building multipurpose hall of around 150 people accommodation in phases terms, the building is already established it is reached windows level just stopped because no money. Hall will help to reach many teachers or people at one time and making more inducive environment.

Regarding to Project path that I just finished, we will plant good garden (I ask how good will be to Dr. Margy the specialist to give her suggestion) no money needed. May be next two months, I will show you how it looks like.


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