Thank you Rotary !

Thank you Rotary!  That was the heartfelt cry from one very wet rider as the peloton swept majestically into Rock Hill under the supervision of strategically positioned Brue Valley marshals positioned at dented.copycat.stilted and slam.affirming.bench !!! 

So what was going on? Well, last Sunday was the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance Coast to Coast Cycle Challenge.  Brue Valley Rotary provided six marshals all of whom got soaked at some point. The northern section team (well just two – Andrew M and Roger W) were at the Rock Hill junction on the A378. The southern team (Brian, Chris, Jenia and Simeon) were deployed in the West Bay Area. 

Road bikes, a tandem, a couple of fold ups, a recumbent were all in evidence; as was the good humour and appreciation of all riders – so many thank yous. We were able to semi regulate the traffic thus ensuring a safe right turn for the riders – save for one boy racer absolutely no problems from drivers all of whom were patient and understanding. 

It was lovely to be so appreciated – as for that Thank you Rotary …………..! 


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