Picking it up !

One of the downsides of our way of life is the volume of litter that blights our towns, villages and countryside. Rowan Rhodes of Castle Cary decided to something about it and started a Sunday morning litter pick. News of the initiative found its way to Brue Valley Rotary Club and Sunday morning saw Nicky, Roger and Anne W in litter picking mode with eight others. The technique of using the picking device was rapidly mastered and it wasn’t long before Team Brue Valley were tracking down that litter. The children’s playground was a litter hotspot with many plastic bottles. The allocated 45 minutes was sufficient to fill several bags which will find their way to Dimmer Recycling. A satisfying morning’s work.

Castle Cary litter picks are on the first Sunday of the month. Meet at the Fairfield Bus Stop at 11:00 am. Contact Rowan at rowan.rhodes@gmail.com if you need more information. Why not come and join us on Sunday 3 July? Just turn up and ………. Pick it Up !

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