Signing Up !

“ Become an expert in something; it doesn’t matter what” was the writer’s careers master’s advice on leaving school. The wisdom of this was amply demonstrated at Sherborne Castle yesterday where Brue Valley Rotary were in action helping in the setting up of the Sherborne Castle Classic and Supercars Show. Super calm Andy (in his first year of show manning coordinator) correctly divined that Brue Valley’s expertise was in Signage ! It wasn’t long before Andrew M, Roger L and Roger W were drilling, hammering and placing signage of every description around the huge Show site. It was swiftly apparent that each team member had expertise in some aspect of signage display.: Andrew M’s skills on the ladder and high altitude cable tie work, Roger L’s unerring accuracy with the electric screwdriver and Roger W’s work with the heavy post driver were much in evidence. The Signs went up – the job was done. Now for Sunday’s Show !  

STOP PRESS ! The Club’s gazebo was loaned to the Show – here it is as never seen before with its sides on – a room with a view ! 


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1 Response to Signing Up !

  1. Penny says:

    Well done Brue Valley Rotary sounds like you were working together as a great team. Your efforts are very much appreciate

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