What goes up must come down…

Mr President’s post on Friday showed the Rotary gazebo resplendent with its never-used sides hoisted to provide additional sun protection for the marshals and Raynet helpers at the Classics at the Castle on Sunday.

Sadly, and notwithstanding the anchoring weights, a gust of wind on Friday evening saw the gazebo make a bid for freedom over the car park. Consequently, when the Brue Valley team arrived on-site for the actual event, the gazebo had acquired additional superstructures equally never seen before.

All did not look happy with our faithful gazebo but the users on Sunday still reaped the benefit of its sun inhibiting qualities (not afforded to the BV team who were out in the sun all day!). Ours worst fears where confirmed when it came to taking the gazebo down:

Beyond concern about the gazebo and despite the heat warnings, Team Kew at the catering village managed to keep the punters fed and watered whilst maintaining a litter free environment whilst the rest of the BV team (including a guest appearance from Angela and Andrew DM as part of the Raynet team) got on firstly with traffic management and later with crowd management during the various parades during the day.

We await confirmation of the the amount raised (and the amount of water consumed) but it was a very successful day. A couple of pictures from the event which give a flavour of our Service above Self:

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