Jim’s Cider Shack

It might be called Jim’s Shack, but there’s a lot more to it than just a shed with some cider! Brue Valley Rotary Club enjoyed a fun evening there on a pleasant summer’s evening, first being entertained with a tour of the cider production, with explanations of how the cider is made and how the venture has grown from a hobby for family and friends to a little business producing award-winning cider. Then we were treated to an excellent ploughman’s-style supper, followed by skittles. There was also a bar, a shop and a café, all of which seemed to be popular with the locals.

Jim, Mary and Chris were great hosts, the cider was delicious and the evening got even more enjoyable the more we drank. I’m not sure it helped the standard of our skittles, but then I don’t anything would help!

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1 Response to Jim’s Cider Shack

  1. Eddy Hale says:

    It was a fun evening. Many thanks to Andrew D for organising it.

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