Loud & Lusty

The event was promoted as a”let your hair down” post-Christmas Christmas meal for the wider Brue Valley Rotary family where other halves, children and other hangers-on were very welcome. Having said that the afternoon commenced inauspiciously with just three of the seventeen registered pre-meal walkers reporting for duty. This dereliction of duty will be the subject of a far reaching Presidential enquiry. Subject to this it can be fairly said the event was true to form including much loud and lusty choral contributions from those who it probably best not to name. Suffice it to say the songs from Abba, Elvis and many more were sung with gusto. “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” though proved a bit of a vocal challenge. The balloons performed aeronautic antics to the background of party poppers and a visit from the President of Kingston-upon-Thames Rotary (who said a very few words) was the icing on the cake of another successful Brue Valley Rotary post-Christmas Christmas. RW

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