Busy busy Brue Valley !!!!!

What a busy week thus far for Brue Valley Rotary!

Monday found us at Castle Cary’s Moat Garden where we coppiced hazels, pruned overhanging trees and repaired the vegetable raised beds. All this activity produced huge quantities of prunings which were swiftly trimmed into pea and bean sticks. There’s a school of thought that the energetic gardening style adopted by the Team is a sort of “green gym” – so it proved to be! Word has it that one or two enjoyed a lunchtime snooze!

Tuesday saw Brue Valley at Radstock packing water survival boxes destined for Turkey/Syria earthquake relief. Water Survival Box is the initiative of Chelwood Bridge Rotary. Its primary purpose is to provide a means of purifying water for the benefit of survivors of natural or man-made disasters. All sorts of items were found their way into the Box’s spare space including tarpaulins, blankets, sewing kits and first aid. In 90 minutes three pallets of 20 boxes each were packed. There was even time for coffee and presentation of our £500 donation cheque.

A busy busy week indeed with Thursday’s Activity Group Meeting to come!

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1 Response to Busy busy Brue Valley !!!!!

  1. bruemoore says:

    And don’t forget the outing to see The Mousetrap in Yeovil on Monday evening.

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