Can we Help you?

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6 Responses to Can we Help you?

  1. hoth2205 says:



    div>Can you send me this as a pdf or similar so I can link it onto the Next Door website ? I could also send it out to everyone

    • Jule Kew says:

      Hi Hoth2205
      If you can send me your email address, I can send the details to you. Jules – Brue Valley Rotary – Social Media

  2. thecuillins says:

    Hi Chris Very impressed with your flier and I am going to use it tomorrow at the District team presentation tomorrow afternoon if thats OK. Can you bring your ‘helping pack waterboxes’ up to date please.

    Cheers Dot ________________________________

    • Jules Kew says:

      Hi Dot, it’s Jules here, what do you need updating as I am in charge of Social Media, Facebook & Twitter and Chris is in charge of the club website and blog. I can send you other stuff I have produced in Canva if you need anything else as example. Take care Jules

  3. thecuillins says:

    SO CHris Im sending it bacak to you, click on read more of this post, then its down the bottom. Otherwise Imm going to print it off for Mike Kew tomorrow!! xx ________________________________

  4. Sally Hoadley says:

    Excellent idea, should help to raise our profile as well aschelping the community

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