North Cadbury needed help so Rotary responded……

Saturday morning saw several members of Brue Valley Rotary (including some family members) joining in North Cadbury’s “Clean Up” following the devastation caused by Tuesday’s torrential rainstorm. Flotsam and jetsam in, along and from the River Cam was significant including a substantial garden bench, water barrels and huge quantities of plastic and general litter. Much effort was put into dealing with the removal of vegetation and timber blocking the river. Despite the inevitable banter, good humour and bonhomie there was a very real understanding that many residents and their homes have been deeply affected. Brue Valley Rotary will continue to be available to help North Cadbury; we will also be finding out what assistance can be provided to the Queen Camel and Podimore areas.


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2 Responses to North Cadbury needed help so Rotary responded……

  1. Elle’s Kew says:

    Hi Roger & Andrew


    div>Having just looked

  2. RedBus says:

    Well done Brue Valley Rotary, you can always be relied on when help is needed.

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