International Project

International Assembly Report 2017-2018

In 2017 – 2018 Angela, Penny and Chris, in conjunction with members of the Castle Cary Mufulira Trust, visited Mufulira in Zambia and established connections with the Rotary Club in Mufulira, Zambia as well as with other trusted locals that were prepared to help us with a variety of projects.

The plan during 2017-2018  will be to work together with these people to ensure that our current commitments are meet with respect to supplying equipment to Mutundo Clinic. This is currently on going with many of the items having now been supplied, 3 Blood Pressure meters are on their way to the Clinic and we are working to trying to supply the Clinic with a baby weighing machine.

Once we have fulfilled our commitment to Mutundo Clinic. We will be staying in contact and will be looking into moving forward on other projects in conjunction with Rotarians in Mufulira.

There will be another visit with IntroZambia to Mufulira next year and we hope that other Brue Valley Rotarians will take the opportunity to visit and maintain and strengthen the contacts we have already made. If you are interested please let me know.

I have volunteered to join the CPCMT to act as a liason with Rotary.

I will also try to ensure that the Club is kept up todate on anything International that may require our support.

The following link contains a copy of the Mufulira presentation given to the club :

Zambia Presentation to BV April 2017 v7