Monkey business in Castle Cary

The heavy rain of the morning kindly cleared and Monkey came out to head up the Brue Valley team collecting at the Castle Cary Children’s Carnival 2018.

As usual the children had done a fantastic job and seemed to be enjoying themselves even if the crowds had been scared away by the heavy rain earlier in the day.

Our contribution was gratefully acknowledged.

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Brue Valley v Frome Skittles Match

Brue Valley Skittles team entered this match thinking they would be the underdogs, but thanks to a couple of high scoring hands we surpassed all expectations to win the match against Frome by just 5 points.

Top scorer of the evening for Brue Valley was Andrew Davies, scoring a respectable 40 points across the 6 hands.

A good evening was had by all and the Camelot Inn at South Cadbury provided us with a nice sausage and chips supper.

Our win means that we go through to the next round, so if you haven’t joined the team and would like to give it a go, get in touch with Karen.

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Rain DIDN’T Stop Play !!!!!!

Those who are fascinated with data won’t be surprised to learn that yesterday’s rainfall in the South West was 27.6 mm. A significant proportion must have descended on Saturday morning’s Playfest at Castle Cary Primary School justifying the decision to have an indoor Playfest. Brue Valley Rotary occupied The Lodge where fantastic inside activities were on offer. There was: candle making (Jenny and Sally), tea light jamjar decorating (Anne), cupcake decoration (Jonny) and face painting (Jules and Ellie). The small griddle was in action (Mike K, Mike S and Roger W) providing sustenance to the many visitors with all baps being sold and a profit of about £130 being raised for Rotary charities. It was all huge fun; Jonny had a quiet moment to do some reading (albeit large print!), our Assistant District Governor Jane Gibbs travelled all the way from Burnham to support us (huge thanks Jane), the BBQ team learned that you need to turn on all the burners to cook and our President Nicky was, as always, omnipresent quietly organising us.  Afterwards, we had an adult Playfest and a giggle with cupcake decorating – will leave you to judge the results!


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North Cadbury Family Race Night

Saturday, 15 September 2018 witnessed the North Cadbury Family Night, a collaboration between the North Cadbury Village Hall and Brue Valley Rotary who will equally share the funds raised.

Having pre-sold 85 of the available 96 tickets we knew we were in for a busy and successful evening:  and so it proved to be!  We were able to run all eight races – seven of which had been sponsored by local businesses (ensuring all costs of the evening were covered in advance) and “ownership” of the horses in the last race were auctioned on the night (raising an additional £72).

The “punters” were most enthusiastic in cheering on their horses, the Village Hall committee provided a fine spread and the bar did a roaring trade throughout the event whilst the Rotarians ran “the tote” and generally orchestrated the event.

Final figures are not yet available but we do know “the tote” raised £412.

North Cadbury Village Hall Committee are keen to run the event again and I am sure we will.  However, could we team up with other village halls in our patch to run similar events now we are such pros at these events?

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Brue Valley’s Coffee morning shakes Costa Coffee !!


News of Costa Coffee’s sale of its 3821 shops to Coca-Cola and the associated increase of 16.3% in its parent’s company share price to £46.75 prompted the writer to investigate another rising coffee shop star. Yes, it was Brue Valley’s coffee morning at Castle Cary’s Market House yesterday. The place was buzzing. Colin J and Liz gave the initial impression of being meeters and greeters but their true purpose of seamlessly relieving customers of pound coins in exchange for raffle tickets was soon apparent. Angela and Sally efficiently dispensed the famous Bue Valley Latte as well as serving tempting and delicious cakes, (the Andrew Davies flapjack was particularly good). Jenia and Simeon were ever present in the media department where interesting and diverse CD’s, DVD’s and books were available. Our furniture supremo Colin D was in good form attempting to sell a multicoloured wine rack and other items to the numerous attendees. Synchronising the event was our ever-present President. The result of all this energy was a profit of circa £184. Great work – thanks are due to everyone mentioned plus (a) anyone who I might have missed and, (b) Mike S who organised the morning but was laid low with a nasty bug. Apologies for the pictures which have nothing to do with the reported event …….! RW

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Parkinson’s Summer Garden Party

The Parkinson’s Summer Garden Party at Charlton Musgrave Village Hall today was huge fun. Sally and Angela were in action at an early point arranging strawberries and cream on the myriad of scones with military precision. Marcia was soon on hand to supervise the serving of tea, scones and cake to the many attendees. Your correspondent and our Immediate Past President were consigned to tea and coffee duties where they remained for the majority of the afternoon. The addition of tea to coffee granules is best forgotten. Jules Kew and team were there to face paint and everyone enjoyed the afternoon. The alpacas were lovely.  Huge thanks to Liz and Mike for organizing Brue Valley’s involvement in such a happy event. Our involvement was clearly appreciated. RW


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