Brue Valley at Classic & Supercars

On a blisteringly hot day 25 Brue Valley members and friends assisted at the Sherborne Classic & Supercars Show doing all manner of tasks from running a Members Marquee, where guests were treated to a view of the showground whilst relaxing with their tea and coffee, to collecting waste at regular intervals throughout the day.  We manned entry gates, car parks, the information tent and had the excitement of holding ropes to allow parades of spectacular vehicles to pass.

There were over 2000 vehicle exhibits on show including over 500 ‘on the day’ classics which just turned up to visit the show.  Other visitors arrived early, and left early, some because of the heat and others to watch football or tennis with which we were competing!

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Taking breaks in the rest area didn’t always keep us out of the sun and shade was sought wherever needed………………………. well done Brue Valley, here’s hoping we have helped to raise a significant amount for the supported charities !



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Door to Door

This Rotary Roving Reporter when in Wincanton last week witnessed the fantastic door to door service provided by the CAT bus service and its driver one Chris Ringrow. What a busy man! His responsibilities weren’t confined to driving; they included assisting passengers exiting the bus, finding and allocating sufficient trolleys, providing reassurance on collection times and generally being a huge help to his passengers. What brilliant community service Chris. Well done.

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World Cup fever ……….

Yesterday, Saturday 7th July, Brue Valley members were in attendance at Clark’s Village in Street to promote the forthcoming Classic & Supercar Show at Sherborne Castle on 15th July.  Little did we know, some 6 months ago, that the magnificent England football team would reach the quarter finals of the World Cup which would be played on 7th July!

A big thank you to Trustee Mark Main for lending us his MGA and Maserati Gran Tourismo and to Colin D for the MG Midget 1500.

After a fairly slow start – we had been told to expect a busy morning, when tens of shoppers, not hundreds, were interested in our display and some were even interested in next week’s show – footfall in the complex was almost non-existent…………………….. if you needed to have a quiet shop in Clark’s this was the time to do it.

We did stay until 7.00pm when the shops closed, but it was not the most successful day we have ever had, despite the challenging situation we did have some fun – until someone took the radio away at half-time!!!!!

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Our new President takes office

We have been Stokes-ing up for the big event for a while and on Thursday evening, we adopted our new Creed, carefully interposed between the Kews of Mikes to act as President.  [All credit for the puns go to Colin J].

Yes, on Thursday, 5 July, Mike Stokes handed over the presidential chain of office to Nicky Creed who, in turn, handed over the President Elect chain to Mike Kew.

There was something distinctly not wooden about the presentation of the presidential pen this year.


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We may have railed against it, but we soon had it licked…

Cale Park 1Cale Park 2Cale Park 3Cale Park 4On Saturday, 23 June 2018, Roger Lowe had another band of volunteers back down at Cale Park, Wincanton, this time to clean down the railings around what will become the Rotary garden and spruce them up with a lick of paint.

Fortified by coffee from the new café in Cale Park and the wonderful Lovington Buns, we soon had the railings looking like new….even if we did leave with Roger mentioning something along the lines of “I think it will need a second coat”.

The before and after photos showing just what a splendid job was done!




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Brue Valley bucks retail woes at their Charity Fair !!!

The retail woes experienced by Marks & Spencer, Carphone Wharehouse, Carpetright, House of Fraser and Mothercare, to name a few, are well known. They should consider adopting the Brue Valley Rotary Club’s retail business model as a solution!!!! At 8:00 am Brue Valley were in action ensuring the bric – à – brac, soft toys, tombola, clothes rack, books, videos, refreshments, furniture and many other useful items were ready. We experienced a steady stream of customers buying things they didn’t really want at knockdown prices. Our highly flexible pricing structure and fantastic service were appreciated by all.  The bottom line, as they say, was a magnificent profit of £454.12 being raised for Charity !!!!!! Huge thanks are due to all who helped and in particular to Karen and Graham for organising our first Charity Fair in Castle Cary.

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