Good to be back – Castle Cary Carnival 2021

A strong team from Brue Valley Rotary assembled, at the appointed time and place, for bucket collection duties at the first Castle Cary Carnival since 2019 – it was good to be back! Two of our number had been on Rotary duty at Plymouth the previous evening until the small hours; earlier in the day others had been involved in a community coffee morning so Rotary Exhaustion (RE) might have been expected. Your correspondent is delighted to report that RE wasn’t in evidence and morale was extremely high. It wasn’t long before the firework spluttered into the sky signalling the start of the 2021 Carnival. The Brue Valley Rotary Team were swiftly in action shaking the buckets and persuading the not inconsiderable numbers to dig deep. The Carnival’s return, albeit it a walking format, was welcomed by everyone. We enjoyed it too!

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Laptops4Learners in Castle Cary

The recent lock down due to the pandemic has shown a digital divide for many members of the community. Children and young people in homes without enough IT equipment are excluded from home education and catch up.

Laptops4Learners has been launched by SSDC Councillor Sarah Dyke to help people access IT across Somerset. Brue Valley Rotary Club, in conjunction with Castle Cary Town Council, is working with Castle Cary Primary School to provide Chromebooks for the pupils. It also aims to provide equipment for the members of the community who are digitally excluded and already several renovated laptops have been given to those in need. 

Working with Simon Barfoot of we are collecting old and unused equipment from which Simon wipes all data, upcycles and renovates ready to be sold or returned to the community.

The word has spread and the initiative was mentioned on Carymoor Facebook page. This was seen by Rosy James, the Environmental Manager of Hinkley Point C power station who donated tablets which were sold.

The funds raised enabled the purchase of 16 Chromebooks for the Primary School. A further 4 Chromebooks were added as a result of collections of equipment from the community.

Liz Stokes, President of Brue Valley Rotary, Judi Morison, Chair of CCTC and Simon Barfoot presented 20 Chromebooks to the Primary School on 23rd September. The Headteacher, Sarah Martin and the pupils were delighted to receive so many.

Our thanks to Nigel Phillips for providing a drop off point at Phillips Tyres in Castle Cary for your old or unused IT equipment.

Liz Stokes


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Castle Cary & Ansford Carnival Society Race Night

Saturday, 2 October 2021 saw the second outing of the season for the Brue Valley Rotary Race Night team, this time raising funds for the Carnival Society and Parkinsons UK.

The number of “punters” was rather disappointing but those who came certainly enjoyed themselves (in complete safety after Mr H&S Holt made sure the hall was suitably ventilated.

This event saw the inaugural awarding of the President’s Cup – look carefully at the pictures and you will spot it.

Final figures are awaited from the Carnival Society but a surplus of £227 was made on the Tote.

The Race Night team will be out again on 15 October for the “big one”: the District Conference, where well over 100 are booked in.

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Brue Valley supporting PROMISE works

It would be fair comment to say that Brue Valley Rotary Club are almost, (but not quite), back to normal. Last night’s meeting was certainly evidence of a normal Rotary meeting when Ali Hart from PROMISE works spoke to us. Ali’s thoughtful presentation showed how PROMISE works deliver inspirational mentoring for Somerset’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged young people. The aim of “building a life that works” struck a chord. The recruitment, training and support of volunteers plus the delivery of mentoring services doesn’t come cheap. Our Club’s £1000 donation will go some way to helping PROMISE works to continue its important work.

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Taps and Toilets for Kitogani, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Our thanks go to the Rotary Clubs of Stone Town (Zanzibar), The International Rotary Club of Copenhagen ( Denmark ) and those in District 1200 who helped us with their advice and helping getting the necessary grants.

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We’re back at it!

After a long lay-off for Covid, on a warm and sunny Saturday, 4 September, it was wonderful to renew our bacon/burger cooking skills.

With a crack team of Food Handling Certified Rotarians, the griddle was unpacked, fired up and ready to keep the good folk attending the Wincanton Hospital Fete well supplied with bacon baps, burgers, cheese burgers and our signature “The Works”.

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