Here are the photos, 1st, 2nd & 3rd!


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Whilst David Bailey & Lord Snowdon withdrew from this competition, Brue Valley Rotary Club members pulled out their cameras and phones and produced a stunning array of photos taken in Castle Cary last night.

Those taking part were asked to select just 2 of their photos, displayed anonymously and  reviewed by everyone. All members were asked to vote for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Andrew Davis’ photo was placed first, whilst Jonny Hall-Say picked up both 2nd & 3rd places.  Well done to everyone for taking part, and what a lovely sunny evening we had too.


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Singing in the rain

Madame Butterfly was on the menu at St Margaret’s Hospice’s fund raising event at Yarlington House this afternoon. Meteorologically it was downhill all the way – somewhat similar to the relationship of the opera’s  characters Pinkerton and Cho – Cho – San. Despite the dismal weather, guests driving in by way of the exit and out by the entry point Team Brue Valley  Parking did a splendid job. Cars were parked with precision, special requests were gracefully accommodated and umbrellas used to indicate parking instructions.  Job well done we left at 3:00 pm leaving the Lieutenant  and Madame Butterfly to play out their tragedy. RW

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Brue Valley go to the dogs ……….

Last night Brue Valley and guests, courtesy of Rotarian Chief Inspector John Hunt, visited the Avon and Somerset Police Operational Training Centre, Dog Section, in Clevedon.  After a briefing on the operational work of the unit we were treated to a demonstration of the skills of some of the dogs in finding missing items, apprehending a suspect and searching for banned substances.  The love and respect the Police dog handlers have for their animals was obvious and it was very re-assuring to observe the level of control under which the dogs work.  A very big thank you to CI Holt and the dog section for a very interesting and informative evening.  Of course the evening would not have been complete without a meal and we retired to The Castle of Comfort for generous helpings from their menu.

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Castle Cary Coffee Morning

Brue Valley Rotary hosted another Coffee Morning in the Market House in Castle Cary. The town was quiet so we were not as busy as we hoped. However we made a credible £146.65 – refreshments £66.55 / raffle £51 / books and bric a brac £29.10.


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Brue Valley ‘De-Tube’ in Haddon Wood

18 Rotarians and families spent a couple of hours ‘de-tubing’ in Haddon Wood Alhampton. ‘De-tubing’  consisted of removing the plastic tubes around the young trees as well as the staks supporting them. The tubes and stakes were then neatly stacked into piles ready to be recycled. After ‘de-tubing’ a significant area of Haddon wood the valiant group retired to the Alhampton Inn for some delicious nibbles and bread  followed by a lovely meal. A great time seem to have been had by all and a majority said that they would like to do it again. I was amazed by the number of trees that we managed to ‘de-tube’ in the time we had.

‘De-Tubing’ in Action


Separating and stacking the Tubes, Stakes and saving the Cable Ties


All trees in sight ‘De-Tubed’!!


The ‘De-tubers’20190530_194516The rewards – Part 120190530_200437The Rewards – Part 220190530_204220

And a thank you from the Chair of the Friends of Haddon Wood

My apologies for not writing sooner as I wanted to say what a remarkable amount of work your team managed to do last Thursday, and how very much we appreciate it.  It’s important to us as we’re doing our best to minimise waste and recycle where we can, which the Woodland Trust isn’t always able to do if the removal of tree guards is carried out by their contractors.  We take our tree guards to Evercreech Junction from where they’re sent on to Bristol and burned to create Energy from Waste.  The stakes, entire opaque guards and cable ties we sell on as and when we can, and use the proceeds to benefit Haddon Wood.

As you know, we run public events to remove guards on the third Saturday of each month and any of your people are more than welcome to join us on those; we start at 9, work till 11, and people can join in for as much or little time as they like.

Once again, many thanks for the major contribution you’ve all made to us completing what is a major task for us.  If any of your members is interested in joining the Friends of Haddon Wood, do please ask them to contact me.

Best wishes


Hilary Harrison

Chair, Friends of Haddon Wood


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