Brue Valley Rotary pack Water Survival Boxes

Members of Brue Valley Rotary Club spent their Tuesday morning not out in the sun but at the transport warehouse of Water Survival Box in Midsomer Norton, Radstock Somerset. Here together with members of Chelwood Bridge RC they packed water survival boxes that would replace the 200 sent as a consignment of humanitarian aid recently sent to Malawi.

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The team was so well organised, having done this a few times in the past,  that they managed to pack the boxes so quickly and efficiently that they packed their consignment in record time and then managed to go home earlier that expected.

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Sparkling performance by Brue Valley

The early team (Mike S and Colin J) made the car park coruscate as only Brue Valley can.

The second wave (Melanie, Sally, Simeon and Andrew M) followed with a glittering performance with the Pimm’s.

In case you haven’t guessed it, we ran the Pimm’s tent at St Margaret’s Hospice Glitter Run on Sunday, 19 May.  Whilst numbers were down (an additional Glitter Run having been organised by the hospice in Wells in a couple of weeks’ time) we still managed to sell out (after the introduction of an innovate roving “at-picnic service”) and raise a goodly sum for the hospice.

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What a Nice Day for a Tea Party

On Wednesday afternoon at North Cadbury Village Hall, Brue Valley Rotary entertained over 60 elderly residents of the area at a tea party, and what a lovely day it was too!

Scones with jam and cream (or should that be cream and jam ?), cakes, tea and coffee were served to our guests who thoroughly enjoyed the treat, some very old acquaintances were renewed, and many asked when the next tea party was going to be.

The afternoon was uplifted by the arrival of the North Cadbury Ladies Choir who performed a few select numbers for us, all out of the goodness of their hearts – thank you, your singing was enjoyed by all.

After an interesting game of Bingo, the inevitable raffle followed and almost £150 was raised for The Wincanton Carers group.


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Wanstrow Race Night

An intrepid band of 11 Brue Valley Rotarians provided the expertise in putting on a Race Night at Wanstrow Village Hall last night, proceeds being divided between the Village Hall funds and our chosen charity Freewheelers (formerly Blood Bikes).

Despite the superb promotional material and quite a number of people, who had pre-booked, not turning up on the night, those that did attend had a very enjoyable evening, enthusiastically encouraged by Rotarians, and some even won a little money!

The food and bar were provided by the Village Hall volunteers and, due to the no-shows, there were extra helpings for all……………       Generous sponsorship had been secured for six of the eight races and for the final race the horses were auctioned off, the winning owner receiving a fine bottle of Irish Whiskey.

Although not yet confirmed a sum in the region of £800 was raised to be shared equally between the Village Hall funds and Freewheelers.

We very much hope to be able to join Wanstrow Village Hall for a future race night when more villagers will have been encouraged to attend, to boost village hall funds even more.



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SGS at Bruton Cycling Club Sportiv !!!

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Fear not Dear Reader, the rather opaque caption will be explained; as will the excitement surrounding today’s excursion into the world of high class mobile catering. Whilst the routine of erecting the gazebo, firing up the griddle, preparing and serving bacon and burgers is interesting it has been the subject of many past blogs.  Perhaps a snapshot of a few of today’s moments will provide a flavour of our involvement at the Bruton Cycle Club’s Sportiv.  A gas crisis seemed imminent on Andrew M opining that the cylinder appeared very light. As we all know Andrew is a man of action and a phone call to the Immediate Past President saved the day with Mike S making an emergency gas delivery.  Now to the acronym – SGS equals Sweaty Glove Syndrome. SGS was discussed at length in the build up to service; it was anticipated the use of the powder and latex free one size Spontex gloves might alleviate SGS – alas this was not to be – SGS still prevailed. Memories of the day include; Simeon’s meticulous griddling technique, Chris’s precise insertion of burgers, bacon and something that was apparently cheese into the baps, and Colin J miraculously coping with the never ending change shortage. Andrew exhibited his usual bonhomie in directing the punters to us and Jenia  coped admirably with your correspondent’s inability to separate serviettes as well as taking orders. As the denouement approached it became apparent there was a shortage of baps and a surplus of burgers, (the bacon having long since evaporated); remedial action included two burgers for the price of one, feeding one to a happy dog and a bit of discounting. It proved to be a profitable day with  many happy families enjoying our food. A profit of about £200 was made and we had fun. Huge thanks to Colin for organising us and our involvement. RW

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Helping at the Hospice

A small team of Brue Valley Rotarians attended St Margaret’s Hospice in Yeovil this afternoon to help get ready for their Summer Fair tomorrow, Sat 11th May.  After the initial furniture removal tasks to enable the tea shop to be set up, we proceeded to erect the gazebos, this year much bigger and better than in previous years.

Although larger, the new gazebos were much easier to put up, and nothing was allowed to interfere with the operation……………………………

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