Rotary in the Gods

Yesterday an intrepid group of Brue Valley Rotarians braved the upper levels of Wells Cathedral.  Having met our guides and signing to say that we were all fit enough for the coming exertions, we set off on the tour.

Learning of the history of the Cathedral on the ground floor, including the story of the sound holes and of the different carvings on the facade, we began our climb.  Although steep and narrow, it wasn’t too strenuous and we soon made it to the first level.

Up and around the eaves was awe inspiring, given that there were no mechanical tools available during construction.  We continued to higher levels and visited the mason’s office where evidence of his work was still visible on the floor.

Fortunately we all made it back to earth, a tour well worth the effort !

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Playfest 2019

This year’s playfest at Castle Cary Primary School fell on superbly sunny day (making up for last year’s wet weather).  Brue Valley took over the play area outside the school and offered on a “donations welcome” basis: face painting, candle making and cake decorating, all of which proved very popular.

In addition, the griddle was out offering bacon, burgers and famous “the works”.  After an initial crisis of the rolls not turning up, initiative was used and sliced bread took the place of the usual rolls.

Whilst a community focused event, we were still able to raise a gross £162.50 from our efforts.

Can you spot Roger W’s “deliberate” mistake in the picture of the three griddlers?

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Haddon Wood – Again !

Brue Valley Rotarians embarked upon their second trip to Haddon Wood today.

We were removing the tubes and stake from the trees for a second time.


So after much labour and removing 100’s of tubes we retired to the Alhampton Inn for some much needed refreshment.


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Living History at Glastonbury Abbey

Yesterday evening a group of more than 20 Brue Valley Rotarians and friends visited Glastonbury Abbey, where we joined ‘Brother Paul’ for a tour of the abbey ruins.  After learning that at the time of the Doomsday Book the abbey was the wealthiest in the land, Brother Paul enlightened us in the legends of Joseph of Arimathea and King Arthur.

After the great fire in 1184 the abbey was re-built in just four years to become the largest in the country.  The tour revealed the vastness of the abbey surroundings and its lands around, for those who had not visited previously a more leisurely return is recommended.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


A big thank you to local historian, rotarian, cider maker and friend of Brue Valley, Alan Stone (Brother Paul) for his time and for making our visit so interesting.  Alan joined us at Knights Fish Restaurant in Glastonbury for supper.



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Bye bye, Angela

Today, at a lunch at Compton Abbas airfield, arranged by IPP Nicky Creed, one of Brue Valley’s founder members, Angela Winson, was wished bon voyage to her new home in Ringwood.   Several members, as well as AG Jane Gibbs, helped to see her on her way and many gifts were presented, just to help fill her new apartment.  There was much merriment by all and an excellent lunch made things all the better.

Angela has been a stalwart of the club since Chartering, she is a Past President and was Secretary for three years.  Additionally Angela held posts in District 1200 as well as visiting India for the Polio Vaccinations and Mufilira to help support the hospital.

We wish her all the best and hope she settles well in her new home, perhaps she may even join the local Rotary…………………

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Some Pictures from Classics at the Castle

I was in charge of Rubbish.

So here is my “Rubbish Team No 1”


And “Rubbish Team 2”


Past and present Presidents enjoying themselves.


Roger Enjoying himself.


Andrew enjoying himself


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