More Rubbish!

Andrew D and his partner Sandra donned high viz, gloves, litter picker etc. and tackled a mile of quiet country lane that is a favourite of some young people who seem to like leaving their litter behind.  After an hour or so, there were two bags full of rubbish and the lane was much cleaner.  We will return to do another stretch of this lane in due course!

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More Litter Pickers!

We are lucky to be living in a semi-rural area, and as such our towns, villages and hamlets are generally kept in a reasonably tidy way by the communities.

However, we felt that it would be a good way to get out and about with fellow club members for a socially distanced task.

Several small groups of 2’s & 4’s have taken their litter pickers, black bags, gloves, and hi-viz vests out into the streets of Bruton, Castle Cary, Wincanton and surrounding villages.  It wasn’t long before the usual bits of offending materials were being retrieved.

We were also able to enjoy some nice exchanges with local members of the community, increasing some awareness of our Rotary club along the way.

Thanks to all our participating club members. More photos below.

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Wincanton Litter Pick

Three men went to pick,
Went to pick some litter,
Three men two metres apart,
Went to pick some litter.

[OK, so it was really three men and a women]

On a gloriously sunny autumnal afternoon (Sunday, 11 October), Graham, Roger and Janet Lowe and Andrew M assembled in the Wincanton Sports Fields’ car park ready for a litter picking circuit of Wincanton.

An hour and half later six bin bags of litter had been collected. Included in our finds were a complete change of clothes right down to underwear – we didn’t find the shivering owner!

Whilst is was hard work and perhaps not the most fun one can have on a Sunday afternoon, all agreed it was wonderful to see fellow Rotarians in the flesh (so to speak – they weren’t our clothes) after so long apart.

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Brue Valley Rotary help to clear the Paths in Haddon Wood

Andrew Davies the President of Brue Valley Rotary Club and humble Rotation Chris Ringrow spent a couple of very pleasant socially distanced hours helping to clear the paths of vegetation overhanging the paths.

The areas cleared by Andrew and Chris are shown in orange on the map below.

After two hours of weeding and pruning Andrew and Chris retired to Chris’s garden for a well deserved beer.

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The Aasraa trust works towards empowering street and slum children through education, vocational training, nutrition, medical care and providing shelter homes.

Assaraa sent the following message to the Rotary Club of Brue Valley:

Thank you for your compassionate and generous donation to Aasraa. With your magnanimous support, we will continue our work for the empowerment of marginalized special needs children with greater capacity and resources.  

It will be utilised towards providing Teaching Learning materials, games equipment, play balls etc to the special needs children.

Amidst the pandemic, all our education centres are closed, and the children are learning through online classes. As virtual learning is not effective with children with Special needs, our special needs educators are visiting Shelter home as well as homes of differently-abled children to reinforce daily activities/tasks amongst them. 

The staff from our special needs center, armed with appropriate worksheets, are visiting children to ascertain their condition/health & to personally instruct their parents/Aasraa’s warden on the way forward.

With the help of generous donors, such as yourself, we are raising our children with special care & guidance. They have grown out of their shell and have become more self-reliant. 

We, and the children we serve, sincerely appreciate your generosity.

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Brue Valley Rotary gets physical !!!

The meteorological signs on the evening of 23rd July were not auspicious. Nevertheless 13 committed members and friends gathered, socially distanced, at Castle Cary Primary School for a pleasant Simple Summer Stroll. The hair was longer, so one or two recognition problems it being the first  physical “meeting ” for over four  months. There was happy banter and chat prior to the 18:25 prompt departures of the two two socially distanced groups. Despite one or two initial problems we completed the almost three mile circular walk to the north west of Castle Cary in impressive  style, and indeed pace. As is the way of things the inauspicious clouds released in much precipitation during the last ten minutes. Morale was not affected and remained high despite the bedraggled groups deciding to give the planned refreshments in the Millennium Wood a miss. A very happy evening despite that. No pictures due to bad light !

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