Rotary Awareness at Haynes Market 25/3

Thank you to all club members who took a ‘turn’ on our ‘stand’ at Haynes Market today. Despite the high winds and the odd rain shower, the gazebo remained standing. Sadly we only collected £1.70 in the collection buckets, but, to be fair, that is not what this event was really about. The opportunity to engage with potential club members and to draw in interest for the Charity Golf event, were priority. Whilst on duty, Jules and Karen stopped almost everyone who passed the stand, and managed to hand out a number of leaflets about the golf.

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Stunning Skittles Success !!!!

News of Brue Valley’s sporting prowess (both intellectual and physical) has overwhelmed your correspondent’s inbox in recent days. The latest triumph must be Brue Valley beating Frome Town Rotary Club in the District 1200 Skittles Tournament last night. Whether the match was keenly fought is a matter of conjecture; the writer has no information. BUT what needs special mention is Graham scoring 18 on one end as he had a strike on his first ball !! He then demonstrated superb technique by clearing another nine on his next two balls !!! So we are through to the next round!! To be continued .


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A Proud Podium Place !!!

Intelligence from the Front Line has revealed the shattering news of Brue Valley’s Podium Place at the District 1200 Quiz Night held at Frome Market last Thursday evening. A powerful team was assembled comprising Donal, Sue, Paul and Colin D. Their achievement in securing a second place was nothing short of a triumph !

Team organiser Donal has reported,,,,,,,,” It was a splendid team to be part of and a great opportunity for Colin and me to get to know our two new members…….The overall atmosphere at the event was very positive, with a great feeling of fellowship, and the organisation was excellent.”

A total of £660 was raised and divided equally between District 1200, Taunton Vale and Shepton Mallet (who promoted the event) clubs for their charities.

So congratulations to All. RW

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The last race night of the season returned to where it all started

On Saturday, 4 March, we hosted our final race night of the 2022/23 season at North Cadbury Village Hall – our very first venue when we first decided to dabble into this fund-raising venture.

With a good number of children in attendance, the noise in the hall was at a most gratifying level!

Another very successful fund-raiser and much enjoyment report by those who attended.

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Can we Help you?

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Busy busy Brue Valley !!!!!

What a busy week thus far for Brue Valley Rotary!

Monday found us at Castle Cary’s Moat Garden where we coppiced hazels, pruned overhanging trees and repaired the vegetable raised beds. All this activity produced huge quantities of prunings which were swiftly trimmed into pea and bean sticks. There’s a school of thought that the energetic gardening style adopted by the Team is a sort of “green gym” – so it proved to be! Word has it that one or two enjoyed a lunchtime snooze!

Tuesday saw Brue Valley at Radstock packing water survival boxes destined for Turkey/Syria earthquake relief. Water Survival Box is the initiative of Chelwood Bridge Rotary. Its primary purpose is to provide a means of purifying water for the benefit of survivors of natural or man-made disasters. All sorts of items were found their way into the Box’s spare space including tarpaulins, blankets, sewing kits and first aid. In 90 minutes three pallets of 20 boxes each were packed. There was even time for coffee and presentation of our £500 donation cheque.

A busy busy week indeed with Thursday’s Activity Group Meeting to come!

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