Classics at the Castle Coming Soon

Don’t forget that Classics at the Castle is coming soon.


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Parking Plus

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_858bThe Strains of Verdi\’s La Traviata and the complex and tragic lives of Violetta and Alfredo were a superb backdrop to a glorious Sunday which saw Brue Valley Rotary Club undertaking further car parking duties. This time the occasion  was St Margaret’s fund raising event at Yarlington House where the many cars were expertly and creatively parked by Melanie, Mike S and Roger W. At times discussions with drivers on their parking preferences and requirements were akin to renegotiation of the Treaty of Versailles or composition of the Gettysburg Address. Having said that all reasonable requests were accommodated and everyone seemed happy.  The team left at 2:45 pm with the certainty of a job well done for St Margaret’s Hospice,

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Table Top Sale

Today a large contingent of Brue Valley Rotarians managed a Table Top Sale in the War Memorial Hall, Wincanton.  All tables were sold a few weeks ago, under the guidance of Karen Harris, whose bright idea this was – despite her being on holiday when all the hard prep work was being done!!  Well, the Rotarians were there, the sellers were there and we had over one hundred visitors.  There was a vast mixture of merchandise on sale as well as our famous bacon baps and burgers, refreshments were available for whatever donation the customer deemed fit – and very generous they were too.  It has been a very warm day and perhaps many felt better staying at home in the shade.

The sellers were happy with our organisation of the event and many asked when the next would be……………….., perhaps we’ll try again later in the year.

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More Parking…………………….

On Sunday 11th June Brue Valley Rotary were once again called in to organise the parking at Hauser & Wirth, Bruton, for their Open Farm Day.  Split into two shifts to cover the event the team worked miracles!  The morning session was very busy, there were too many cars and not enough spaces, but the Rotary local knowledge allowed the team to guide visitors to car parks as far away as Bruton Station!  In the afternoon, arrivals slowed somewhat, but there were still too many cars for spaces and the team spent a hectic afternoon ‘slot spotting’ and telling drivers to keep going round, a space would appear – eventually.  Well done Brue Valley parkers!

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Parking Perfection!


Hauser & Wirth’s opening night of the ‘Rashid Johnson. Stranger’ exhibition at Durslade Farm, Bruton saw Brue Valley Rotary Club supervising the parking of the many vehicles bringing guests to the event.  Apparently Rashid Johnson employs a wide range of materials and images to explore themes of art history, literature, philosophy, and personal and cultural identity. The Brue Valley parking team comprising Mike S, Nicky, Colin D and Roger W simply employed their hi viz jackets and experience in neatly and simply getting the task done. We parked them! Not much more to say other than the weather was magnificent and at 8:00 pm  the team gave themselves a pat on the back for a job well done.

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Colour Run in aid of St Margaret’s Hospice

The sun was out, the griddle was out, over 1,000 runners were out and around 1,000 spectators were out.  What could possibly go wrong?

Well nothing it would seem!

An interpret bunch of Brue Valley Rotarians, most ably led by Angela, had the market stall and griddle up and running in good time for the first hungry runners/spectators who came along at 10.30am and we served burgers, kindly sourced by Melanie, until 2.30pm.

Many thanks to the team:  Angela, Mike S (who put all the framework of the stall up with only help from his dog),  Jennia, Roger L, Roger W, Sally, Nicky, Melanie and Andrew M.

As a footnote to last week’s blog regarding St Margaret’s fete:  the lorry we loaded with tables got as far a the first roundabout before a good number of the tables left the back of the lorry!  We told them it wasn’t a good way to load them – but would they listen to us Rotarians?

As a second footnote:  a chap came to the stall and saw we were using the burgers his company makes and offered to supply the burgers in future FOC!

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