Picking it up !

One of the downsides of our way of life is the volume of litter that blights our towns, villages and countryside. Rowan Rhodes of Castle Cary decided to something about it and started a Sunday morning litter pick. News of the initiative found its way to Brue Valley Rotary Club and Sunday morning saw Nicky, Roger and Anne W in litter picking mode with eight others. The technique of using the picking device was rapidly mastered and it wasn’t long before Team Brue Valley were tracking down that litter. The children’s playground was a litter hotspot with many plastic bottles. The allocated 45 minutes was sufficient to fill several bags which will find their way to Dimmer Recycling. A satisfying morning’s work.

Castle Cary litter picks are on the first Sunday of the month. Meet at the Fairfield Bus Stop at 11:00 am. Contact Rowan at rowan.rhodes@gmail.com if you need more information. Why not come and join us on Sunday 3 July? Just turn up and ………. Pick it Up !

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Meeting and greeting at Royal Bath & West

On the bank holiday to celebrate Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee, what more appropriate place could there be but the Orange Gate at the Royal Bath and West show.

An early start ensured the combined team from Frome Selwood and Brue Valley were ready to greet the eager show-goers and provide wrist bands, flags and family trail cards to the children of the unsuspecting public.

Notwithstanding many visitors wanted to show as their entry tickets, our efforts were warmly welcomed by the parents/grandparents/guardians who were in fear of being separated on the busy show-ground.

A donation in lieu of wages is being made to Rotary Foundation for the time spent.

The teams were, from Frome Selwood – Rob and Liz Norman, and from Brue Valley, Nicky, Roger W and Andrew M.

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Buckets at Morrisons in Wincanton

On Friday, 20 May, Morrisons very kindly allowed us to take over their vestibule in order to collect for the Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal.

Thanks to the generosity of the shoppers and the hard work of the collectors, we raised £789.22.

This brings to total amount raised so far for the Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal by Brue Valley Rotary to an impressive £2,360.72.

Many thanks to Morrisons and the collectors.

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Montacute Goes Racing

The Brue Valley Race Team was in action again last night at a packed Montacute Village Hall. It was one of the most enthusiastic and generous attendances that we have been privileged to help, all in a good cause. More than £1100 was raised in Aid of the Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal whilst having a great deal of fun. Even our Past President, a villager himself, put in an appearance to wish us well and donate a raffle prize, before dashing off to sing at another charity event.

If you know a club, village hall or other local organisation which would like help in raising funds please contact our secretary at: mangarov@gmail.com

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Thank you Rotary !

Thank you Rotary!  That was the heartfelt cry from one very wet rider as the peloton swept majestically into Rock Hill under the supervision of strategically positioned Brue Valley marshals positioned at dented.copycat.stilted and slam.affirming.bench !!! 

So what was going on? Well, last Sunday was the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance Coast to Coast Cycle Challenge.  Brue Valley Rotary provided six marshals all of whom got soaked at some point. The northern section team (well just two – Andrew M and Roger W) were at the Rock Hill junction on the A378. The southern team (Brian, Chris, Jenia and Simeon) were deployed in the West Bay Area. 

Road bikes, a tandem, a couple of fold ups, a recumbent were all in evidence; as was the good humour and appreciation of all riders – so many thank yous. We were able to semi regulate the traffic thus ensuring a safe right turn for the riders – save for one boy racer absolutely no problems from drivers all of whom were patient and understanding. 

It was lovely to be so appreciated – as for that Thank you Rotary …………..! 


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Job done – with panache!

There’s a tiny charity in Castle Cary called the Moat Garden Project. It recently put out a call for help and Brue Valley Rotary Club today responded magnificently in providing five skilled gardening volunteers, who with the Garden’s trustees, “worked their socks off”! Colin and Graham were soon at work reconstructing the compost bins and engaging in precipitous coppicing work. Karen constructed a dead hedge and Nicky and her friend Terri ensured an endless supply of dead hedge material was readily available. Time passed quickly and it wasn’t long before coffee and chocolate biscuits were served. Morale remained high until the end. The Moat Garden are really grateful to Rotary for their help – they hope we will be back for more fun – maybe in the autumn ! RW

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