Shepton Carnival was as spectacular as ever despite the weather.

The evening started with the intrepid 9 having a traditional fish and chips supper at Whitstones.

Then the collection of the buckets.

A quick look at the ‘carts’ beforehand.

Soggy but happy !

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Rocketing Skywards

Robert Catesby and his 12 Gunpowder Plot accomplices failed spectacularly on the night of 5th November 1605. Bonfires and fireworks are the fortunate legacy of that failure; including Saturday night’s fantastic firework display organised by Shepton Mallet Rotary Club. Team Brue Valley Rotary were on duty sporting kit designed to withstand the most severe weather conditions. Four of our number swiftly found themselves on duty at a frenetic main gate; Penny effectively dealt with the card machine and Roger W handled the readies; Chris and Nicky were kept busy meeting and greeting plus ensuring everyone was in the correct queue. That leaves Andrew M and Peter – they were consigned to; well how can I put it; possibly Gulag duty guarding the perimeter fence is the best description. The numerous spectators enjoyed a magnificent and faultless 20 minute pyrotechnic display. It was a happy crowd who left – those who organised and helped were also happy with much money being raised for good causes.

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A well-kept secret

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If you want to buy arguably the fastest road-legal car in the world and indeed see it in production, where do you go?¬† Germany, Italy, America?¬† Well, just outside Crewkerne, in very discreet premises with no big sign outside, lies … Continue reading

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North Barrow Race Night

As our reputation for fun and profitable race nights grows, so we are asked to an increasing number of venues to co-host their fund-raiser.

On Saturday, 22 October 2022 we made our debut at North Barrow Village Hall, fielding a mixed team of race night veterans and newbies.

A fun night was had by all and funds raised for Six Pilgrims and our President’s nominated charities of PROMISEworks and MNDa.

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Skittles at The Catash

In order to see whether we had learnt anything from our August skittles evening at Jim’s Shack (see 30 August blog) we decided to give it another go, this time a little closer to home (or very close to home for some of us!) at The Catash in North Cadbury.

It quickly became apparent we had learnt nothing! However, what we did learn was: 1) skill in one game involving spherical balls is transferable to another game using something approaching a spherical ball as our instructor from the Castle Cary Bowls Club (see 18 August post) was the highest scorer on the night (well done M and we look forward to your Rotary membership application!). 2) if you lack skittling finesse, you can always play another game: can you get the ball to go through the end wall (BJ and PW).

Many thanks for KH for organising the event and providing the photos and for The Catash for an excellent buffet supper at a most reasonable price.

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Our Bucket List – Castle Cary Carnival

Castle Cary’s 2022 evening Carnival always had to be on Brue Valley’s Bucket List ; more so it being the first “proper ” Carnival for three years. A swift glance at previous Carnival postings persuades your correspondent that there are limited ways of describing Carnival bucket collections! Suffice it to say a strong Brue Valley team gathered at Maggs Lane on Saturday evening. Morale was high and Rotary swiftly went into action with members joining the Carnival at strategic intervals; the sole objective being getting those buckets filled. At times the amplified music was deafening but the crowd appeared happy and generously dipped into their small change. The buckets swiftly filled up placing demands on the hands and arms; who would have thought a bucket filled with very small coinage could be so heavy! RW

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