Children In Need Collection Exceeds £1300

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Brue Valley Go To Jail

Yesterday evening members of Brue Valley Rotary Club, after enjoying s fish and chip supper at Whitstone’s Restaurant, visited Shepton Mallet Prison for a tour in the dark.

Over 400 years old it’s one of Shepton Mallet’s most haunted sites, where restless spirits still tread. Torture. Murder. Hangings, a cold breath on the back of the neck, a whisper, a flicker – then silence. It’s all the more chilling for being absolutely real!

Our guides, Paul and Charlie, led us round the prison with only torches for light, relating the history of the prison and some of the strange, unexpected sightings and occurrences, even to the present day.    There have been many sightings of a lady in a white wedding dress, but unfortunately we didn’t see any apparitions………………….

The prison will be redeveloped soon so there is not much longer to re-visit the prison, possibly in daylight next time.



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Shepton fireworks

After a call from our Mother Ship (aka Shepton Mallet Rotary Club) asking for a helping hand manning the pay-lines at the Shepton Mallet bonfire and firework display on Saturday, 4 November, Nicky and Andrew M donned the hi-viz and happily took the public’s money for an hour and half.

Not sure we were really needed as there seemed to be plenty of Rotarians and helpers standing around but, as ever, Service before Self!Fireworks

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New Windows in Bruton Telephone Box

20171029_131207 (Medium)Work continues on the Telephone Box for the Defibrillator in Bruton. Thanks to a donation from Mill on the Brue we have now purchased and fitted 11 new windows.  The outside and some of the inside was given another coat of paint. It certainly looks a lot better now.

20171029_105911 (Medium)        20171029_110411 (Medium)

Work will continue during the week.







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Déjà Vue – Brue Valley at Castle Cary Carnival


The soaring rocket indicated the start of the Castle Cary & Ansford 40th Anniversary Carnival, As ever Brue Valley Rotary Club were in the forefront of collecting bucket duties. After a morale building team talk at Maggs Lane we were then in action. Andrew M, (who had recovered from his mild, but understandable irritation of the previous night), was soon cajoling the crowds with his customary aplomb. Jonny, Philippa and Paul followed on and were last seen efficiently and conscientiously  working the crowds. The sartorially elegant Nicky took her time in completing the course but obviously enthused the many spectators. Anne and Roger (two buckets ) W and brought up the rear; their buckets reaping the benefit of bulk low denomination coinage. Melanie was ever present – so much so the writer thought she did two laps of the circuit.  It’s noteworthy that between the eight of us we had about 25% of the issued collecting buckets. A busy and tiring night but a job well done. Special thanks to Paul, Philippa and Anne for supporting our Club and the event.

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The Seven Bucketeers at Wincanton Carnival

Angela, Sally, Andrew M, Jonny, Melanie, Anne and Roger W were on bucket duty at the Wincanton Carnival last night. The crowds were out and the cash flowed into those buckets. We were told to drop off full buckets at the Bear and get empty ones  – sadly six of the seven bucketeers were told by staff at the Bear they knew nothing of this arrangement! Result – telescopic and tired  arms! Anne, through much perseverance, was the only one to enjoy the luxury of a lighter load. It was just as well that Brue Valley were there as few other collectors were in evidence. Job well done!!!

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