If a museum is worth visiting….

…it is worth visiting time and again.

And so it was with the new Wincanton Museum – team Brue Valley returned for a second trip to continue the decorating started last week.

Once again our efforts were much appreciated.

Whilst there are no exhibits yet on display, one or two relics were to be found….

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Rotarians paint the museum white

On Wednesday, 25 January 2023, three Brue Valley Rotarians descended on the new site of the Wincanton Museum:

There we were met by Chris Forester who had been doing the preparative work ready for us to arm ourselves with paint brushes and rollers and set about transforming the previously vacant premises:

In true Rotarian style, time was found for a tea break kindly provided by Chris:

Now for the bad news – we were only able to get the first coat of paint on the walls and woodwork leaving us with the difficult decision: do we go back or leave it all for Chris to do single handedly? An RSVP will follow!!!

This is what it looked like as we left – which I assure you is very different to the look when we arrived!:

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Foundation Race Night

On Saturday, 21 January 2023 we teamed up with our fellow Rotarians from Yeovil to host a race night raising funds for Rotary Foundation.

The well oiled machinery rolled into East Coker for the event, whereupon the new up-rated projector was revealed, plugged in and, some 15 minutes later, unplugged to be replaced by the old faithful Benq! Another projector now to be returned to the vendor and back to the drawing board.

An enjoyable night was had by all (we won’t make mention of the the jokes employed to fill a hole left by a frozen DVD – oh, sorry, I just did!) and over £1,000 was raised for Rotary Foundation.

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Loud & Lusty

The event was promoted as a”let your hair down” post-Christmas Christmas meal for the wider Brue Valley Rotary family where other halves, children and other hangers-on were very welcome. Having said that the afternoon commenced inauspiciously with just three of the seventeen registered pre-meal walkers reporting for duty. This dereliction of duty will be the subject of a far reaching Presidential enquiry. Subject to this it can be fairly said the event was true to form including much loud and lusty choral contributions from those who it probably best not to name. Suffice it to say the songs from Abba, Elvis and many more were sung with gusto. “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” though proved a bit of a vocal challenge. The balloons performed aeronautic antics to the background of party poppers and a visit from the President of Kingston-upon-Thames Rotary (who said a very few words) was the icing on the cake of another successful Brue Valley Rotary post-Christmas Christmas. RW

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Cary Big Christmas 2022

Christmas must be coming as why else would we have a spent the evening selling our renowned butties on a cold Thursday evening in Castle Cary?

Unlike last year, we were blessed with a dry, if chilly, evening.

The Rotary gazebo was home to the bacon baps, burgers and “The Works”:

Alongside, we had a second stall selling bric-a-brac and jigsaws in particular:

In a first for us, Brue Valley were also asked to provide marshals to “man the barricades” at the road closures:

As ever, after the fun of the evening there is the reality of having to clean all the equipment – this year Lupa made the most of what was left before the griddle got a good high-pressure wash:

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Meet “RASCAB” !

Meet RASCAB (the acronym translates to Rotary All Saints Church Advent Bell). This elegant and creative artistic work created by a dedicated team of gifted Rotarians took up residence at All Saints Church, Castle Cary on Monday afternoon. The fantastic exhibition of 51 seasonal bells opens tomorrow (Thursday 8 December). Please try to visit RASCAB. More details of the event are below.

Following on from our very successful Festival of Angels and Festival of heavenly Stars, this year we are holding a Festival of Bells in All Saints’ Church.

This is a Community project and there are 51 entries from individuals, community groups and businesses. 

Exhibitors will have the option of including their Bell Creation in a ‘Silent Auction’ of exhibits to raise funds for the All Saints’ Development Project. 

The Festival also features a bell-ringing ‘taster’ session at St. Andrew’s Church on the Saturday from 2pm-4pm. No need to book, just turn up and try your hand!

The Festival of Bells will open with the Launch Event from 8pm – 9pm on the evening of Thursday 8th December.   Come on down to All Saints’ Church after enjoying Cary’s Big Christmas in the town.

The Festival of Bells will then be open to visitors on
Friday 9th from 10am-4pm
Saturday 10th from 10am-2pm
Sunday 11th from 10am-4pm

Our ‘More Than Tea’ team will be serving refreshments including home-made cakes and warming winter soup.

Entrance is free – donations to the All Saints’ Development Project are very welcome!

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