Men’s walk to Tor Rugby Club

Brue Valley Rotarians were happy to help St Margaret’s Hospice marshal  a six mile walk from Wells Cathedral to Tor Rugby Club. An intrepid group of walkers in various outfits braved the drizzle for this charity fundraiser.


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Bath Half Marathon- corrections

Tempting though it was to correct the first copy and send it and see who could spot the (DELIBERATE!) mistakes, I will be helpful instead.  Firstly I missed a ‘we’ out of my composition and then I misprinted the number of competitors – there were. of course 13000, not 1300 – you knew, of course, didn’t you?

Next time I send a message I will do it after dinner and not before, then maybe I will do it with less haste.

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Bath Half Marathon

Five of us went today to help Marshall the Bath Half Marathon.I was given to understand it could count on my CV if I wanted to become a professional Marshall but I declined that possibility as I didn’t think I had the stamina!  We started off with a visit to Angela’s daughter and son in law, Katrina’s and Jon’s, house quite close to our designated area and there we were treated to coffee, bacon butties (and of course loos) so we started our duties in the best of spirits.

Melanie and myself were placed in outposts above the running areas where controlled road closures and joked and laughed with local residents from 9.45a.m. whilst Angela, Colin Juneman and Colin Dewsbury manned the running areas.  By lunchtime Colin D was sent up to do an exchange with me so that I could enjoy seeing the running. I was amazed to see so many runners, by then on their second lap around the course, that I couldn’t cross the road to my post for some time, apparently there were about 1300.

By 1.30p.m. most of the runners had gone on to the finish, a handful struggled on.  Me, I only ran once to take a photograph!  I only saw one  Rotarian I knew running the race, our District Governor for next year, well done Stewart.  All in all a great fun day in addition to which we earned £125 for our Rotary Foundation fund.

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A Curling Challenge

On Friday evening 3rd March Brue Valley Rotarians showed true grit as they faced a team of Langport and Somerton Rotarians in a curling challenge.  The opposing team confessed (under torture!) that they had played before, in fact, one of their team believed he was (or could be) semi pro ! With no previous experience they rose to the occasion and put on a good show of strength.  It was disappointing but not surprising that they failed to beat the opposition by quite a gap although they have now learned quite a lot and will be hard to beat next time.  It was a really enjoyable evening and was rounded off by some great food at the Pipers Inn, Ashcott. One down and one to go, I am sure we could thrash our fellow Rotarians at tiddly winks!

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Well Oiled!

Last night Brue Valley Rotary visited Fussels Fine Foods at Rode and were enthusiastically enlightened and entertained by Andy Fussel, ably assisted by Gary and Lesley, on the merits and benefits of Rapeseed Oil. After giving us a detailed background on the development of the company, instigated by low oil prices, following a short dalliance with producing fuel oil, Andy realised the future was in adding value to the raw oil by bottling and eventually flavouring the oils.
We had a tour of what is quite a small installation, the oil is cold-pressed and therefore retains all of it’s nutrient values. Andy’s love of the product is obvious if not infectious.
After the tour, Gary showed us how to cut onions and various fruits – the professional way – or so he said. We had a demonstration of cooking great Yorkshire Pudding with Extra Virgin rapeseed oil, it tasted great too. Lesley had prepared a steak and kidney casserole which was delicious and Gary had poached some pears with pepper and oil and this certainly had some bite – again delicious.
Before leaving we were ‘allowed’ to visit the small shop where unusual amounts of Fussels Fine Food products were purchased, I wouldn’t be surprised if the shop is visited again by our Rotarians whenever they pass through Rode.
A great evening, thanks to Chris for organising it.


brue-valley-rotary-at-fussels-foods-1 brue-valley-rotary-at-fussels-foods-2 brue-valley-rotary-at-fussels-foods-3 brue-valley-rotary-at-fussels-foods-4 brue-valley-rotary-at-fussels-foods-5 brue-valley-rotary-at-fussels-foods-6


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The copy and photos recording this amazing trip were probably sent by to late to make this week’s newsletter, So at the risk of repetition here it is!

Team Ski Rotary (Anne, Nicky, Roger L, Janet, Roger W and Nicky’s sister in law Philippa) assembled at Bristol Airport at the ungodly hour of 4:30 am. Coffee soon diluted the inevitable exhaustion; conversation became animated only to be abruptly halted by “ last call for flight TOM 6650 to Salzburg”. The group’s speed in making the departure gate in time was a tribute to their extreme fitness. The journey to Bad Hofgastein was seamless; 12 noon found us taking refreshments outdoors under a cloudless sky – but it was a cold minus 4 C, (it went down to minus 16 C that night). Sun was present most days although an inversion in the valley during the latter part of the week meant an ascent above it. Skiers Three (Rogers and Janet) enjoyed some fine skiing throughout the week with powder conditions on one glorious day. Walkers Three (Nicky, Anne and Philippa walked most days in spectacular scenery, only halted on one day by the desire for massage and relaxation in the 33 C waters of the natural spa. They appeared to be a magnet for various men seeking their views on Brexit, British weather and many topical issues. One sunny day saw Skiers and Walker 3 meeting for lunch at a mountain restaurant and exchanging tales of their respective adventures. A good time was had by all – the only downside was Janet suffering a broken arm caused by a reckless German skier colliding with her when she was almost stationary. The week passed all to quickly. Statistics are called for! Skiers Three skied 31,749 metres of vertical using 73 lifts and covered about 172 Km. Walkers Three also covered much ground on their perambulations – between 112 and 128 Km.  The group will always remember the Bristol landing; they coped with a significant cross wind coupled with a very severe and noisy impact on hitting the tarmac – a very heavy landing! There will be a Ski Rotary 2018 so if you are tempted do consider joining us; non skiers have found plenty to do and enjoy on the last three trips. More news in July/August.

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