Deck the street with bacon and burgers (and cheese and jig-saws) fa-la-la-la-la la la la la

After an enforced absence last year, it was good to be back at Cary Big Christmas selling our bacon baps, burgers and, of course, The Works! It was sad that the rain, which seems to be a feature of the Big Christmas, also made a return!

To complement our catering offering, we had a second gazebo this year selling off the jig-saws left over from the Jig-Fest earlier in the year. Much to the relief of the Rotarians who have been housing the jig-saws, every last one was sold.

Our charitable funds benefited greatly by the kind donation of the burgers by Penny Lane Foods, the baps by Burns the Bread and the bacon by Denelas Bakery. Many thanks to each of these organisations.

The kit and Rotarians will hopefully have dried out in time for the Wassail in January.

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Brue Valley Rotary Help Pack Water Survival Boxes

Four members of Brue Valley Rotary gave up a couple of hours today to help pack and build up stocks of water survival boxes in Midsomer Norton.

Meeting up with fellow Rotarians from Chelwood Bridge we managed at least 75 boxes in less than two hours.

The coffee and biscuits provided by Chelwood Bridge were gratefully received.

For more details on Water Survival Boxes please go to

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Bruton Defibrillator Used to Resuscitate Someone

Colin went to check the defibrillator in Bruton on Wednesday morning and found that the cabinet had been opened and that the defibrillator was gone.

We reported this to South West Ambulance Service and they checked the records and found that it had been used in an incident that morning.

Later on in the morning, we were contacted by a representative of Heartbeat South West who had been contacted by Shepton Mallet police. “Your Bruton defib was successfully used by the Police to resuscitate someone“.

The defibrillator is now back in the cabinet but will need purchase new pads and other items before it is ready for use again.

Many thanks to all of those who helped towards getting the defibrillator in Bruton.

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Lest We Forget

There are some who are born to lead. This was patently obvious at the summit of Lodge Hill on the evening of Remembrance Day where there was much activity involved in illuminating the Living Cross. Three members of Brue Valley plus a supporter ( Rogers L and W, Peter and Anne) assisted the regulars in positioning the metal posts and lanterns. Director of Operations (aka Nicky Creed) proved to be in excellent form sending her colleagues down the treacherous slopes of Lodge Hill. The mud didn’t help but with perseverance the 56 lanterns were positioned. The result was stunning. We lifted a glass or three in the twilight (thank you Nicky) ! Next year your correspondent will bring crampons and rope!

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Crash, whizz, bang

Not content with the fireworks which a Brue Valley business meeting can provide, five Brue Valley Rotarians and one helper went to assist our mother club, Shepton Mallet, at their community bonfire and firework display at Shepton Mallet football club.

After a year off for Covid, this exceptionally well organised event was well and truly back with the usual popular appeal.

Due to your correspondence putting “Service above Self” down a dark and tree lined path, the photographs have to be interpreted as artistic representation rather than a true reflection of the visual delight experienced by those on the field!

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JigFest results puzzle Rotarians!

Happy visitors who scooped up bargain jigsaws at JigFest

Many of our members were at first puzzled when a JigFest was proposed to raise money for charity. No we were not expecting kilts to be worn for a morning of Highland Dancing but instead we were going to offer bargain JigSaws at prices from as little as £2.

So during the past few months Brue Valley Rotary Club members have been collecting new, used and nearly new Jigsaws in order to resell them at bargain prices. No one was really sure how many people would want to come along to Kings School Bruton today to buy any of the 300+ puzzles we had on offer.

But we were delighted when people started to turn up in search of Christmas presents, gifts to keep elderly relatives occupied or simply challenging puzzles to exercise the brain. In total £560 was raised which will go a long way to help the many charities Brue Valley Rotary Club regularly support.

Coffees and teas were available to visitors as well
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