This could be the start of something good – Brue Valley helping at Wincanton Community Hospital

This week has seen many elderly and vulnerable people most at risk from COVID receiving their vaccinations at Wincanton Community Hospital. Their patience, good humour, resilience and relief that the end is possibly in sight was self evident. In a quiet and understated way Brue Valley Rotarians have helped with marshalling, car parking, providing directions, sanisting (people and wheelchairs) and generally helping to ensure the process is as easy as possible for those attending. Sanitiser, face masks, gel and more serious PPE is available in abundance as are crisps, biscuits, coffee etc provided by Morrisons.

Saturday’s vaccine was the Pfizer one; today’s saw the Oxford – AstraZeneca featuring. The latter is a much quicker process as patients aren’t subject to the 15 minute observation required by the Pfizer one.

To be sure it’s tedious work and the shifts are long; somehow though it all seems worthwhile when Mr Joe Public said today, “Thanks for doing this, your doing a good job”. Shiver!

Vaccinations pause tomorrow (Monday) and resume on Tuesday for seven consecutive days.


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