JigFest results puzzle Rotarians!

Happy visitors who scooped up bargain jigsaws at JigFest

Many of our members were at first puzzled when a JigFest was proposed to raise money for charity. No we were not expecting kilts to be worn for a morning of Highland Dancing but instead we were going to offer bargain JigSaws at prices from as little as £2.

So during the past few months Brue Valley Rotary Club members have been collecting new, used and nearly new Jigsaws in order to resell them at bargain prices. No one was really sure how many people would want to come along to Kings School Bruton today to buy any of the 300+ puzzles we had on offer.

But we were delighted when people started to turn up in search of Christmas presents, gifts to keep elderly relatives occupied or simply challenging puzzles to exercise the brain. In total £560 was raised which will go a long way to help the many charities Brue Valley Rotary Club regularly support.

Coffees and teas were available to visitors as well
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3 Responses to JigFest results puzzle Rotarians!

  1. Graham Harris says:

    Well done everyone!

  2. Steve Scott says:

    Well done chaps!

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