District Forum !!!!!

The writer might be proved wrong, but suspects a District 1200 report hasn’t featured thus far in these columns!

Your correspondent didn’t arise this morning full of enthusiasm with the prospect of attending today’s District 1200 Forum. Nevertheless the Zoom link was the entry point to a surprisingly interesting occasion. There really was something for everyone; from District’s fantastic financial response to the Ukrainian crisis; to Stan Jones’s brilliant explanation on the mysteries of District and Global Grants; from membership concerns to a great Rotary project in Sri Lanka.

Some points/issues relevant to Brue Valley struck a chord including:

  • Foundation donations so far this year being about 50% down compared with last year. Rotary Foundation Grants work but clubs need to look at their Foundation donations – we need to put money into Foundation to get District and Global Grants.
  • Stan Jones provided a great insight of the good work done by Rotary with Foundation’s assistance. Brue Valley Rotary’s Zanzibar project was mentioned including a picture of the water storage tank
  • Our District raising £165000 for Ukranian Humanitarian Relief – that plus the £19000 District Response Grant is a tremendous achievement.
  • Approximately £130000 has been sent to Rotary Clubs in Ukraine, Poland and Hungry.
  • The essentials for ensuring clubs are efficiently run with an eye for the future.

District 1200 are clearly working hard to assist all clubs. So, open that 2023 diary, take a look at 18 March 2023 and insert DISTRICT FORUM !

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