New President at Brue Valley Rotary

What a day for the handover of Presidency at Brue Valley Rotary, not the usual weather conditions for our annual BBQ ‘socially distanced’ this time, of course. With the help of several gazebos we managed to evade most of the showers and finally complete the handover from outgoing President Andrew Davies to the new President for this Rotary year, Liz Stokes.

Handing over the regalia posed a problem and Liz’s husband Mike stepped in to do the honours.

Given the current Covid guidelines, attendance was limited to approx 20 members and guests which was sufficient to give enough space under cover ! It was the first opportunity for some time for members to meet and have a nice sociable chat ………….. we’re all looking forward to the next opportunity.

Congratulations Liz on your appointment.

Liz Stokes, President Brue Valley Rotary
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1 Response to New President at Brue Valley Rotary

  1. Penny says:

    Congratulations Liz, enjoy your year.

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