Snow Rotary 2023

Madonna di Campiglio in the Dolomites was Snow Rotary’s 2023 destination and what a good choice it was! Wall to wall sunshine throughout plus good snow conditions ensured a happy time for both walkers and skiers. Walkers Three (as they came to be known) meticulous walk planning enabled them to explore most of the area’s winter walking trails; including mastering local bus routes for maximum flexibility. Skiers Four happily hurled themselves, in some style, down the resort’s myriad of blue, red and black ski runs. Come the evening, the day’s adventures were recounted (and probably embellished) in the hotel bar and excellent restaurant. This year there was none of the nonsense of “early nights”! The party managed to keep going to 9:45 pm on several occasions (10:00 pm once) thanks to some excellent card and dice games. As has become the tradition skiers and walkers met on the penultimate snow day. for a lovely late lunch. Indeed a happy and fulfilling trip. No significant injuries either!

It’s likely there will be a Snow Rotary 2024 – why not join us!

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1 Response to Snow Rotary 2023

  1. chrisringrow says:

    Sounds like you had great fun.

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